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The Kissing Booth 2 (2020) Overview The Kissing Booth 2 is 2020 American movie directed by Marcelo and Jay Arnold with the aid of Vince Marcello, from a screenplay. The movie is a right away sequel to the 2018 movie Kissing Booth. Based on the novel Kissing Booth 2: Going Away Distance from Beth Reekles, the film starred Joey King, Joel Courtney, and Jacob Elordi. Information  Directed by Vince Marcello  Produced by Ed Glauser, Andrew Cole-Bulgin, Vince Marcello, Michele Weisler  Genres Comedy | Romance  Distributed   by Netflix  Starring Joey King, Joel Courtney, Jacob Elordi, Maisie Richardson-Sellers, Taylor Perez, Molly Ringwald  Release Date July 24, 2020  Running Time 131 minutes The Kissing Booth 2  (2020) Movie Trailer The Kissing Booth 2  (2020) Movie Plot Shouting this line in a character's sequel isn't always the most encouraging sign of all time, but here we go again. "Kissing Booth" is again with a similar but

Chicago Fire Season 8 (TV Series) Cast & Crew

Chicago Fire Season 8 (TV Series)

Chicago Fire Season 8

Chicago Fire Season 8 is an American Action and Drama TV Series with executive producer Dick Wolf, and producers Derek Haas and Derek Haas were ordered on February 26, 2019. The original network by NBC and Chicago Fire Season 8 cast is Jesse Spencer, Taylor Kinney, Kara Killmer, David Eigenberg, Yuri Sardarov, Joe Minoso, Christian Stolte, Miranda Rae Mayo, Annie Ilonzeh, Eamonn Walker, Alberto Rosende. Chicago Fire Season 8 premiered on September 25, 2019. The season concluded on April 15, 2020.

On March 13, 2020, the production of the Chicago Fire Season 8 was suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak. 20 episodes, of a planned 23, were completed.

Chicago Fire Season 8 Summary:-

The firehouse also includes Battalion leader Wallace Boden, a fireman’s fireman. As chief of 51, Boden continues his residence running easily, and his firefighters organized to conquer all adversity. Paramedic Sylvie Brett returns alongside seasoned veteran Christopher Herrmann and imaginative firefighter Stella Kidd.


  •  Original Network:-  NBC Network
  •  Original Run:- September 25, 2019 – April 15, 2020
  •  Number of Episodes:- 20
  •  Creator:-  Derek Haas, Michael Brandt
  •  Genre:-  Comedy | Drama

Seasons:- 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 

Chicago Fire Season 8 Trailer:- 

Chicago Fire Season 8 Episodes:-

Episode 1:- Sacred Ground

Chaos ensues at the bed factory fire, the boiler explodes and Otis is seriously injured. He dies at Med from his injuries, devastating Cruz, and the rest of 51. Three months later, Brett has moved again to Fowlerton with the Chaplain following their engagement---wherein she's confronted almost immediately by using her old buddy wish, who'd wreaked havoc at 51 inside the past. Foster adjusts to Brett's departure with a new recruit. Boden receives information that the CFD has scheduled an inquiry into the bed fireplace putting all the blame on Casey. Later on, a memorial is placed on the Firehouse in Otis' call, and Casey is exonerated after Boden stands up for him at a hearing.
Aired Date:- September 25, 2019

Episode 2:- A Real Shot in the Arm

Casey and Severide butt heads with Boden approximately bringing in a new recruit who seems to be a hazard taker following Otis’ death. In the meantime, Brett contemplates shifting back to Chicago as she misses her pals at 51. In the meantime, Herrmann struggles to promote Otis’ percentage of Molly’s in order to shop at the bar. Foster tries to bond together with her new accomplice.
Aired Date:- October 2, 2019

Episode 3:- Badlands

Brett returns to 51 and at once her and Foster address a call at a jail. Brett suspects one of the officers used gross misconduct against one of the teenage inmates. In the meantime, Boden receives news about new recruit Gallo’s beyond and asks Kidd to take a management seminar. Additionally, everyone at Firehouse 51 tries to alter to a brand new excessive-tech call machine.
Aired Date:- October 9, 2019

Episode 4:- Infection: Part I

During a tailgate for a Chicago Bears game, Casey and different first responders help a person who has a flesh ingesting microorganism on his leg. Soon after, 4 extra victims come down with the equal signs main to a huge outbreak. Later on, 51 responds to a name at a college that focuses on organic research. The group comes to the belief that the case became arson. The episode ends with Detective Jay Halstead and Officer Adam Ruzek finding proof that factors to the first sufferer as the prime suspect. Meanwhile, Cruz plans to recommend to his lady friend Chloe and Boden selects his firehouse to host Oktoberfest.
Aired Date:- October 16, 2019

Episode 5:- Buckle Up

After responding to a series of calls involving near-fatal automobile accidents involving tow trucks, Severide begins to suspect that those incidents are probably deliberate. Hermann lectures one in all his kids after responding to a pool name. In the meantime, Kidd travels to a leadership conference however is met with an icy reception---in the beginning. In the meantime, Brett makes use of Mouch’s concept to expand a firehouse newsletter. Also, after hearing about Cruz’s break up, Brett tries to inspire Chloe to provide Cruz any other chance. Severide proves a towing operation was in the back of the accidents. Chloe and Cruz meet outdoor the firehouse and, after she confesses her fears however offers him a happy surprise, Cruz proposes and they kiss.
Aired Date:- October 23, 2019

Episode 6:- What Went Wrong

After disobeying a right away order at a hearth call, Casey comes down on Gallo for his movements and reconsiders his future inside the CFD. After getting to know about Gallo’s beyond, Casey tries to get him to open up and give an explanation for his actions. Gallo explains that he lost his own family in a fire when he was young. Meanwhile, at some point in the equal call, the aged sufferer dies from her injuries, and Severide and Cruz start to suspect that the hearth might have been intentional. Additionally, Brett, Kidd, and Foster create a women’s lounge at 51, but, matters begin to get out of manipulating when girls from other firehouses begin to smash the room. After his engagement, Cruz asks Severide to be he's a first-class guy.
Aired Date:- October 30, 2019

Episode 7:- Welcome to Crazytown

51 deals with a hostage situation even as on a call at a rental fire. At the equal call, Hermann gets into a situation with a police officer and is later hit with an attack charge which may also bring about the loss of his command. In the meantime, Severide vehemently objects to a switch order to the workplace of fire Investigations, simplest to discover the transfer became initiated via fireplace Commissioner Grissom. Also, Cruz is mortified to peer his patented “Slamigan” rescue device copied with the aid of a competitor at a firefighter's expo.
Aired Date:- November 6, 2019

Episode 8:- Seeing is Believing

51 responds to a house hearth wherein it quickly escalates as the furnishings fast catches fire. Hermann speedy discovers that the manufacturer of the fixtures is the same one from the manufacturing facility that killed Otis. In the meantime, Severide settles into his new role within the OFI. He reopens a case of a grocery store fireplace that became dominated suspicious because he believes that it was a twist of fate. In the meantime, Boden asks Kidd to be an instructor at the fire academy. Also, Brett units up Foster to be a spinning teacher.
Aired Date:- November 13, 2019

Episode 9:- Best Friend Magic

All participants of 51 together with Casey are taken aback to see Gabby Dawson has returned to Chicago. Casey muddles seeing Dawson again after she invitations him to a charity event. In the meantime, Severide continues to have success at the OFI. Stella starts to experience the outcomes of overworking the main to her stepping into a vehicle coincidence. Additionally, Cruz asks for Gallo and Ritter’s help after he finds Otis’ vintage broken flying drone. The episode ends with Severide and a member from OFI investigating a warehouse basement full of flammable objects and a perpetrator with a flare in his arms leaving Severide’s life placing inside the stability.
Aired Date:- November 20, 2019

Episode 10:- Hold Our Ground

Severide and the offender break out the basement of a warehouse after the latter torched with a flare and fought Severide till his arrest. Quickly after, Severide returns again as Lieutenant at 51. In the meantime, Foster begins to butt heads with Brett and questions her leadership as PIC. Additionally, Casey and Gallo work together to research and locate the firehouse's missing system. Gallo runs right into a rival at another firehouse inside the technique. After a name, Mouch comes across a letter and starts offevolved to tune down the proprietor.
Aired Date:- January 8, 2020

Episode 11:- Where We End Up

After a bedbug infestation hits 51, the group is pressured to be relocated to Firehouse 20. Tensions without delay start to get excessive with Casey and the opposite captain while at respective calls and the 2 nearly come to blows. However, all tensions are placed aside after each group escapes a harrowing fire. Meanwhile, Brett, Kidd, and Foster start to think that Captain Leone has it out for them following their closing come across. Gallo and Firehouse 20 paramedic Violet Lin maintain their affair. Additionally, Boden receives information about a fellow firefighter and considers new protocols.
Aired Date:- January 15, 2020

Episode 12:- Then Nick Porter Happened

Firehouse 51 responds to a series of false alarms at a boarding college. Severide and Casey find out there had been more than one false alarms as the identical faculty. Meanwhile, Mouch recommends a brand new roommate for Cruz and Brett. Afterward, they start to remorse the selection as his conduct starts offevolved to be insufferable. Additionally, Stella enlists the assist from Ritter to marvel Severide for his birthday.
Aired Date:- January 22, 2020

Episode 13:- A Chicago Welcome

After receiving a new truck and badly wanted device from Deputy Commissioner Gorsch, Severide and Boden check out what his reasons are actually approximately. Meanwhile, after a fire call that claimed an elderly sufferer, Casey and Brett generally tend to the sufferer's husband to determine out his nicely-being. Herrmann and Mouch are at odds about the new truck. Also, Cruz starts to get aggravated with Foster after she throws a party at their rental without inviting him. The crew rescues several people and later they attend the aged sufferer's funeral.
Aired Date:- February 5, 2020

Episode 14:- Shut It Down

Casey, Severide, and Boden are at a loss while a sequence of gasoline leak explosions takes place across the vicinity with no explanation. Gallo grows stricken by one of the burn victims because it brings back recollections of his past. Meanwhile, Brett asks for Casey’s help whilst her delivery mother starts offevolved to reach out. Cruz struggles with attempting to devise his wedding ceremony and his bachelor's birthday party. Additionally, with a seat on Hermann’s truck available, Mouch enlists the help from Ritter.
Aired Date:- February 12, 2020

Episode 15:- Off The Grid

51 responds to a call of a collection of teenagers overdosing on counterfeit heroin. Former Chicago patrol officer Sean Roman returns to Chicago and informs 51 that his sister is lacking and become last visible at that equal area. Severide starts offevolved to suspect that Roman is main on greater than what he says as he starts offevolved to search on his own. In the meantime, Casey encourages Brett to fulfill her birth mom.
Aired Date:- February 26, 2020

Episode 16:- The Tendency of a Drowning Victim

51 responds to a name where a car crashes into Lake Michigan. Casey and Severide butt heads and Casey straight away suspect that it wasn’t a twist of fate and later reveals out that it was an attempted murder. In the meantime, Boden and Kidd start a new fad eating regimen together and their attitudes positioned all of us on the facet. Brett and her delivery mother bond. Additionally, Otis’ former girlfriend returns to Chicago with a funding opportunity for Hermann.
Aired Date:- March 4, 2020

Episode 17:- Protect a Child

Casey gets information following a call when a fire sufferer’s neighbor had called DCFS on false charges towards her. Meanwhile, after seeing younger women on the streets promoting drugs, Stella starts a program for at danger young adults. Brett receives a surprising romantic interest when searching out a residence for her delivery mother. Additionally, after being denied an area for Officer's quarters, Hermann makes himself his own quarters.
Aired Date:- March 18, 2020

Episode 18:- I'll Cover You

Following a call of a lodge hearth, Severide groups up once more with the OFI whilst he discovers a lifeless frame in the tub. In the meantime, Brett maintains to get invested together with her birthmother Julie, later on, Julie goes into hard work and dies giving beginning. Contributors of 51 team up to discover the location of a picture of Casey comes to light. Also, Stella begins her new program.
Aired Date:- March 25, 2020

Episode 19:- Light Things Up

Its Cruz's wedding day and chaos hit 51 whilst a collection of protestors swarm to the firehouse to rally to get a closed down firehouse lower back open. In the meantime, following Julie's loss of life, Brett is pressured to make a massive choice while the previous's husband begins to panic about parenthood. Also, Ritter and Gallo ask Boden for his approval to begin a social media page for the firehouse. In the long run, Cruz and Chloe are fortuitously married.
Aired Date:- April 8, 2020

Episode 20:- 51's Original Bell

While at a chemical spill at a manufacturing facility, Capp receives injured on the activity and likely putting his profession at risk. Severide soon discovers that the manufacturing facility had a couple of violations with no one shutting it down. In the meantime, Foster contemplates a big choice of whether or not to go back to medical college. Kidd grows involved with considered one of her students continuing to not display up at her firefighter institution. Additionally, Gallo starts to have dating troubles.
Aired Date:- April 15, 2020

Chicago Fire Season 8 Cast & Crew


Jesse Spencer  –  Matthew Casey
Taylor Kinney  –  Kelly Severide
Kara Killmer  –  Sylvie Brett
David Eigenberg  –  Christopher Herrmann
Yuri Sardarov  –  Brian "Otis" Zvonecek
Joe Minoso  –  Joe Cruz
Christian Stolte  –  Randy "Mouch" McHolland
Miranda Rae Mayo  –  Stella Kidd
Annie Ilonzeh  –  Emily Foster
Eamonn Walker  –  Wallace Boden
Alberto Rosende  –  Blake Gallo


Randy Flagler  –  Harold Capp
Anthony Ferraris  –  Tony Ferraris
Daniel Kyri  –  Darren Ritter
Teddy Sears  –  Kyle Sheffield
Eloise Mumford  –  Hope Jacquinot


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