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The Kissing Booth 2 (2020) Overview The Kissing Booth 2 is 2020 American movie directed by Marcelo and Jay Arnold with the aid of Vince Marcello, from a screenplay. The movie is a right away sequel to the 2018 movie Kissing Booth. Based on the novel Kissing Booth 2: Going Away Distance from Beth Reekles, the film starred Joey King, Joel Courtney, and Jacob Elordi. Information  Directed by Vince Marcello  Produced by Ed Glauser, Andrew Cole-Bulgin, Vince Marcello, Michele Weisler  Genres Comedy | Romance  Distributed   by Netflix  Starring Joey King, Joel Courtney, Jacob Elordi, Maisie Richardson-Sellers, Taylor Perez, Molly Ringwald  Release Date July 24, 2020  Running Time 131 minutes The Kissing Booth 2  (2020) Movie Trailer The Kissing Booth 2  (2020) Movie Plot Shouting this line in a character's sequel isn't always the most encouraging sign of all time, but here we go again. "Kissing Booth" is again with a similar but

The Letter for the King Netflix Full (TV Series) Watch Online 480p | 720p | 1080p | HD Trailer | Cast & Review

The Letter for the King Netflix (TV series)

The Letter for the King Netflix

The Letter for the King follows the story of a "ruthless prince who threatens to forged the world into darkness, while a young knight named Tiuri (Amir Wilson) embarks on an epic quest to supply a secret letter to the king," Netflix has said.

In this adventure, Tuiri discovers what it actually takes to end up a knight as he and his pals continuously face hazard from darkish forces trying to forestall them from handing over the message.

Tiuri soon learns the prophecy foretelling the rise of the hero who will defeat the prince and save the sector.

The Letter for the King is a coming-of-age journey Tv-Series evolved by using Will Davies and FilmWave for Netflix inspired by way of the classic Dutch novel De quick Voor de Koning through Tonke Dragt. The six-episode series become launched on Netflix on March 20, 2020.

The Letter for the King is based on the best-selling fantasy novel by Tonke Dragt, this sweeping series stars Amir Wilson and Ruby Serkis.

The Letter for the King Summary:-

A younger aspiring knight Tiuri (Amir Wilson) finds himself on a perilous task to deliver a secret letter to the King who lives across the high-quality Mountains.


  •  Original Network:-  Netflix
  •  Original Run:- March 20, 2020
  •  Number of Episodes:- 6
  •  Creator:-  ‎Will Davies
  •  Genre:- Fantasy | Family | Dramas | Action | Adventure

Seasons:- 1 , 

The Letter For The King Trailer:- 

The Letter for the King (TV Series) Episodes:-

Episode 1:- Storm Clouds Gather

In a nutshell, Tiuri is a young man who is approximately to enter the competition to emerge as a knight. In Dagonaut, this honor can only be received. We get Tiuri’s backstory as well, mastering that the motive he does not seem like, nor is he handled like any his friends, is that he was rescued from Eviellan. That has a whole lot greater meaning than it's miles firstly given credit.

Tiuri and his mom were rescued by using Sir Tiuri, who then gave the boy his call and educated him, raising him as his personal. Tiuri is understood for being a bleeding coronary heart kind who “in no way turned his returned on all people or whatever that wanted his assist.” this is a critical reality because it lends to his selections as the tale progresses.

Tiuri himself isn't aware of why he’s hearing whispers and why the birds and plant life seem to be trying to talk with him.

While he is asked for help from Vokia, assistant to the Black Knight, Tiuri makes the choice to head help, as predicted. This places him at the chance and angers his fellow knight hopefuls, as he’s broken their required vigil. The Black Knight bestows upon him this important letter he’s to supply to the king at any fee, and an oddly intuitive horse, to get him there.

The rest of the collection follows him on that journey. He needs to avoid the purple Riders, who are seeking the stolen letter, authorities who believed he become the one that killed the Black Knight, and a host of different bad folks that need him or the letter for one reason or another. The threat is everywhere and no one may be depended on.

He groups up with a woman lead, Lavinia (Ruby Ashbourne Serkis), who has lots of street smarts and facilitates him to preserve a degree head while he navigates the underground international of thieves and killers, sneaking his way to the king. All the even as, he is attempting to discern out who he truly is and what the voices try to mention.

The display starts offevolved to pick up as soon as we've enough backstory and the politics had been defined out. The antagonist gets discovered and the magic starts offevolved to show up a bit greater frequently.
Aired Date:- March 20, 2020

Episode 2:- Isn't She a Sweetheart?

Tiuri is predictably alive, baked inside the dust next to a river. He is abruptly chased by way of the pink Riders so he casually jumps on his horse Ardanwen and departs unexpectedly. The horse goes too fast and he falls off — as we’ve hooked up, his horse game is bad. He scrummages on the ground and reveals the letter he dropped — the pink Riders can not find him as he hides up a tree.

Tiuri walks towards a fort and tells his father what passed off with the Black Knight and how the red Riders killed him. He suggests his father the letter but then he fast has to hide. The instead immaturely performed Fantumar enters Sir Tiuri’s home and asks for his son, accusing him of killing the Black Knight and stealing the letter. Sir Tiuri tells Fantumar to go away after which they fight. Sir Tiuri is held through Fantumar’s men and then Fantumar stabs him right within the chest.

Whilst Fantumar leaves, Tiuri rushes to his father. His father tells Tiuri to go away to the letter and store himself as he dies on the floor. Tiuri appears outdoor to see his mom getting arrested. Tiuri reveals a getaway route because the castle is set on fireplace. He’s in trouble now.

And he’s now not superb at evading because the purple Riders discover Tiuri and take the letter off him. As Jara is ready to kill him, the horse Ardanwen runs in the direction of Jaro and saves Tiuri — it’s ironic that this horse is better at dealing with himself than the intended potential Knight. Tiuri selections up the letter and jumps on the horse.

Tiuri keeps using faraway from the crimson Riders into the night. He hears voices whispering once more.

In the meantime, in Mistrinaut, we're introduced to a brand new individual named Lavinia who wants to cross on a mission to restore the trade path but her father refuses to comply, insisting she receives married as a substitute.

And at that factor, Tiuri arrives in Mistrinaut as nicely and he gets some meals, barely trying to live invisible from the general public. He checks out the letter case after which Lavinia interrupts him and asks what he is doing in Mistrinaut. Lavinia claims she can assist Tiuri before betraying him and handing him over to her father, mentioning she’s determined the Eviellan boy with a huge bounty on his head. He deserved this to be truthful; Tiuri is captured and that they intend to promote him to a bounty hunter. Lavinia’s father exams out the letter case, not able to open it.

Ristridin arrives to take Tiuri and insists he returns with him returned to Argonaut. Tirui resists, pronouncing he has to supply the letter to King Favian. In the meantime, Lavinia sneaks out after which saves Tiuri and that they each run away. Lavinia has stolen the letter from her father; she wants to discover the exchange street earlier than supporting Tiuri visit Unuawen. They both ride out of Mistrinaut with the grey Riders chasing them. Tiuri and Lavinia manipulate to break out, but the grey Riders become in a war with the red Riders.
Aired Date:- March 20, 2020

Episode 3:- At the End of the World

Queen Alianor questioning if there was any phrase from Ristridin — he changed into killed inside the remaining episode. King Favian is insisting on a summit so she has no preference however to go away. Before leaving, the Queen visits Tiuri’s mother in prison. Tiuri’s mother warns the Queen there are forces at paintings that she cannot overcome.

And in the wonderful Mountains, Tiuri and Lavinia are using through the snowy mountain, pretending they're embarking an adventure in the Fellowship of the ring. Lavinia tries to open the letter case herself. The purple Raiders also are going through The splendid Mountain with the beginners. The beginners assume the purple Riders are going to kill them; they have been used to test if the snow is stable — an avalanche heads their manner. Jaro realizes his well-known dagger has been stolen so fights Iona, one of the beginners, to get it back.

Lavinia and Tiuri maintain venturing through the mountains, confirming this is basically a filler episode. They're approached via 3 guys and they inform them to don't have any fear — Tiuri and Lavinia emerge as in a creepy monastery and that they determine to stay the night. Lavinia understandably does now not consider the location. Overdue at night time, one of the men attempts to train Tiuri the way to use a sword. The person tells Tiuri that he has the power of Eviellan.

The monastery gets weirder as Brother William tells Lavinia that “it’s coming” and then the guys capture her — apparently she broke the policies by entering the cloister. Lavinia starts antagonizing the guys after which demands that she and Tiuri go away. Tiuri is aggravated at her for a few reasons no matter it is as a substitute strange region. Lavinia tells Tiuri there may be something wrong with this area and as soon as the hurricane ends, they have to go away.

Closes with Tiuri and Lavinia sharing a mattress collectively and they discuss their lives. Lavinia talks of ways her mom left whilst she becomes younger — Tiuri speaks out of turn concerning Lavinia’s mother so she hops into any other bed.

In the middle of the night, Tiuri sees a man inside the doorway and freaks out. He wakes Lavinia and a freaky looking man enters. The person asks Lavinia to put the knife down earlier than pronouncing “it’s coming” and offers Tiuri his talisman. Other men are available in and arrest the freaky-searching guy but Tiuri urges them to prevent and then his voice escalates, displaying his magical powers after which all the men within the room fall over. Lavinia appears at him and says “what are you?”.
Aired Date:- March 20, 2020

Episode 4:- Danger Knights

Prince Viridian sensing Tiuri’s powers from afar. Meanwhile, Lavinia asks in which Tiuri’s powers got here? Tiuri has no concept. That is the problem with this Netflix collection, it doesn’t give us sufficient of Prince Viridian, so it basically becomes a story approximately a younger Knight. Prince Viridian is irritated due to the fact the Shaman had a toddler and now the kid is lacking. He sends out looking events.

Lavinia and Tiuri bargain their manner on a ship to reduce their journey all the way down to Unauwen. At the boat, they experience a bar and amusement. Sluper the Sorcerer talks approximately Eviellan and the murdered Shaman and that the voices name out for revenge. Tiuri hears whispering again and his letterbox opens up. The crimson Riders come on board to discover Tiuri. One among them grabs Tiuri however he manages to get away as Sluper saves him.

Sluper asks about the talisman and receives excited. Jaro continues to chase them down. Sluper enables Tiuri on to a lifeboat at the same time as Tiuri is bleeding. Tiuri realizes that he by chance left at the back of the letter and Jaro cackles at the boat from afar, preserving the letter. Lavinia swims onto the lifeboat.

Lavinia asked; why Sluper stored Tiuri? Sluper says darkness is coming and whilst it does, Tiuri might be the hero. Tiuri seemingly has Shaman blood. They head to a hideout and they have a tendency to Tiuri’s wounds.

Whilst Lavinia leaves, Sluper starts a rite on Tiuri even as Lavinia is out — Tiuri starts panicking. Sluper talks approximately how strength can be transferred from one individual to every another.

Novices trapping Lavinia — they are asked to Lavinia, where Tiuri is? They head to the hideout. Sluper is trying to burn Tiuri’s meat to transfer the powers. Tiuri uses his powers and he is engulfed by using flames. Tiuri controls the fire and attacks Sluper. With anyone bowled over around him, Tiuri asks what the novices are doing of their hideout and then collapses.
Aired Date:- March 20, 2020

Episode 5:- Spiral

It’s nonetheless pleasing in certain components. The novices need to take Tiuri to lower back home as he is wanted for killing the Black may. But Ardanwen, the horse, leads the way to a close-by metropolis — a ghost metropolis it seems. People pop out of nowhere, surrounding them.

People beings ask Tiuri, Lavinia and the novices who sent them here. Lavinia explains that Tiuri is sick and they need food — they provide the institution one night time. Arman then claims Tiuri is a prisoner earlier than being disarmed via one of the villagers. The people of the metropolis assist resource Tiuri.

Lavinia is asked, “in which they get a horse like that”. Lavinia feels threatened and asks the female aiding Tiuri to open the door. When tensions ease, she explains to the lady aiding Tiuri why he has the letter.

And then there’s a moderate twist; when Lavinia tends to an ill Tiuri, she puts her give up his chest, and a glow emits from her hands.

Later that night, Tiuri wakes up all at once and gets out a hoop — the lady helping him says it is a unique ring; Ardanwen introduced Tiuri right here because the pony changed into coming home. The female is the darkish Knight’s spouse. She asks Tiuri if he changed into together with her husband all through his give up. Tiuri talks about destiny and the woman chuckles, pointing out all Knights suppose that.

Tomorrow in “Spiral”, Tiuri well-known shows to the novices that he nonetheless has the letter and the pink Riders simply have the case. All of them read the letter over a candle which gives away greater sentences. In the letter, Prince Viridian talks approximately his upward thrust and taking the crown and offers a listing of names as part of his ascension. The beginners panic, the list of names is their mother and father — the letter implies they may be killed.

So in panic mode, Tiuri explains that if he is to use his powers, he goes to must exercise them — he attempts the use of them on Arman but fails. Tiuri can't appear to summon his powers and Arman mocks him.

Later, Lavinia takes Tiuri out right into a discipline and tells him that the electricity is him, it’s in him. She shows that his powers most effective happen while his feelings are high after which proceeds to kiss him.

In the meantime, the beginners argue approximately the letter and Tiuri and then they appear outside and see the air swirling around Tiuri and Lavinia as they create on kissing.

A girl within the town tells Tiuri of the prophecy — Tiuri says the date at the letter is the equal date when the Blood Moon rises. She tells Tiuri to get a pass on.

But then the city is overrun with the aid of pink Riders so Tiuri and co. Try and flee. Sir Fantumar is looking for Tiuri. Tiuri and co. Recognize they can't locate Iona however it's far then discovered Iona is on Fantumar’s side. Fantumar asks Tiuri, Lavinia, and co. To drop their weapons. Ardanwen distracts Fantumar and combat ensues. Tiuri manages to escape with the others but then they're surrounded once more. Lavinia asks Tiuri to apply his powers. He begins using them and there’s an explosion of dirt as Fantumar’s crew begins to fall over.

From afar Viridian senses the powers and receives irritated. He walks out of his tent to look a storm accumulating quickly. Jabroot says that Viridian can also come to be the darkness and “the boy” may be the hero so that it will defeat him.
Aired Date:- March 20, 2020

Episode 6:- When the Blood Moon Rises

Receives upset and rides off whilst Lavinia learns she is the one with the powers. Tiuri insists they need to supply the letter. Lavinia tells Tiuri to forget about about the powers, and that she isn't always interested earlier than driving off once more.

Fantumar updates Viridian; he explains how “the boy” took all of them down with one appearance. Jabroot says “the boy” is developing more potent. Viridian appears unphased, pronouncing the moon is getting more potent, he can feel it. Later, Queen Alianor enters viridian's generally tended and appear around. Viridian enters his tent and he can inform a person has snooped. Viridian sees Alianor and her eyes flip black.

Tiuri, who has lost Lavinia, gets disappointed along with his horse, saying it picked the wrong man or woman. He ends up sitting with some men at a campfire, consuming beer for a few causes, and the beginners find him.

Arman apologizes to Tiuri and he realizes now that loads of humans are going to die. Tiuri says his father is already dead and that he died by using Arman’s father’s sword. Tiuri tells Arman to go to Lavinia for help but Arman resists — “So what if Lavinia has powers,” and tells Tiuri he is the only who has got them this far.

I completely forgot that Fantumar is Arman’s father, so why wasn’t Tiuri afflicted by using this quicker?

Tiuri has a new plan to supply the letter — they go through the sewer gadget below Unuawen. Tiuri and the beginners go away the sewer gadget and they're faced instantly but Iona springs from nowhere and facilitates them. Tiuri is fickle and forgives Iona, giving her a hug, but it turns out Iona continues to be operating for the crimson Riders, and she or he takes the letter off him.

In the meantime, Viridian enters King Favian’s corridor. King Favian hugs Prince Viridian. Viridian also greets his brother and they all take a seat right down to devour. The moon maintains to rise.

Tiuri and his institution determined to combat Jaro, Iona, and the pink Knights. They control to get the letter returned but sadly, beginner Jussipo is stabbed brutally.

Tiuri enters the King’s corridor and all eyes are on him. He techniques King Favian and tells him the black Knight became killed trying to deliver the letter and was slaughtered through Prince Viridian’s guys. Tiuri insists they are all at risk if Favian does not study this letter.

And right here is the turning factor; Favian reads the letter and appears lower back at his son Viridian and says, “Treachery’. Viridian says the strength has to be his. He says the choices are actually to be made by him — “Freedom is over too and the arena may have peace at ultimate. A feeling of peace with a view to closing for all time”. Viridian’s brother draws a sword and he fights Viridian. The brother stabs Viridian and he falls to the floor and looks on the moon — as he falls the blood rises from him and he rises inside the air: “it's miles done”. Viridian has grown to be darkness. Tiuri looks again at all of the panicked human beings.

After which predictably… Lavinia enters the hall smiling at Tiuri. She processes Viridian with Tiuri and says she is scared. Tiuri holds Lavinia’s hand. Lavinia glows and makes use of her powers on Viridian who is now darkness. It doesn’t appear to be running, as Viridian starts offevolved shrouding Tiuri in darkness.

Lavinia works more difficult at her powers. Viridian asks Lavinia to forestall however she destroys him. Afterward, Lavinia faints and Tiuri holds her.

Tiuri and Lavinia visit see Jusssipo and he slowly dies. All of them bury him outside and have a small funeral. Iona tells Jaro that he made a large number out of the situation however they make a high-quality team.

Ends with Queen Alianor giving a speech to the city and says the darkness become caused by absolutely everyone, however, the beginners led them to the mild — she knights all of them. In the distance, a flock of birds swirls with eerie music suggesting the darkness has no longer left.
Aired Date:- March 20, 2020

The Letter For The King Cast & Crew:-


  • Amir Wilson - Tiuri
  • Thaddea Graham - Iona
  • Islam Bouakkaz - Arman
  • Ruby Ashbourne Serkis - Lavinia
  • Jack Barton - Foldo
  • Peter Ferdinando - Jaro
  • Emilie Cocquerel - Queen Alianor
  • Jonah Lees - Jussipo
  • Gijs Blom - Prince Viridian
  • Nathanael Saleh - Piak


  • Kemi-Bo Jacobs - Darya
  • Yorick van Wageningen - King Favian
  • Tawfeek Barhom - Jabroot
  • David Wenham - Sir Tiuri the Valiant
  • Ken Nwosu - Ristridin
  • Jakob Oftebro - Prince Iridian
  • Omid Djalili - Sir Fantumar


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